Erie County Surrogate Judge Barbara Howe appears headed for re-election this fall with both major parties and the Conservatives all lending support for a second term.

Conservative Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo said his Executive Committee was slated to back Howe – a Democrat – during a Thursday evening meeting in DiTondo’s Tavern. That follows the endorsement of Democratic officers earlier this month, and Republican Chairman Nicholas A. Langworthy’s expectation that the GOP will follow suit in February.

“I firmly expect we will do the same next month,” Langworthy said Thursday. “She is a great judge who is well respected.”

Howe, 65, was elected with backing from Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives for her first 10-year term in 2003. She has been laying the foundation for her 2013 campaign in recent months, without any other potential candidate on the horizon.

Lorigo said that only the officers of the Erie County Democratic Party endorsed Howe this month, noting the Executive Committee did not meet because of the fractious nature of the local group.

“So this is her first real endorsement,” Lorigo said. “I am proud to be able to deliver our endorsement to Judge Howe, who I think is an excellent surrogate.”