The final phase of the $11.9 million capital project for the Tonawanda City School District is ready to go out for bidding. Officials hope to take advantage of the building season to complete a new Clint Small Stadium by fall.

Representatives from the Pike Co. and Wendel Architects gave the Tonawanda Board of Education an update on the project during its regular meeting this week. Peter Buckley of Pike reported lots of interest from contractors, and officials hope to approve a bid for construction by the end of February.

Construction would begin in the spring, with the majority of work being completed during the summer.

The capital project would revamp the Tonawanda High/Middle School athletic campus, centered around the new stadium, which would be located next to a district building for the first time. A revised parking lot and bus loop also are expected to be completed this summer, with a new wing for music classrooms in the secondary building to be finished in the first month of the 2013-14 school year.