Police should handle all ammunition sales

I am a 91-year-old World War II veteran, grandfather and concerned citizen who, like most, was heartbroken watching the faces of innocence murdered in Connecticut. I wish to offer a straightforward and actionable solution for curbing gun violence in America without infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

Most would agree that bullets, not guns, kill. I propose we control the acquisition of bullets by limiting purchase from only licensed vendors, ideally, federal, state or local agencies. Specifically, I suggest that any law-abiding American wishing to buy bullets would have unfettered access to do so, but would need to register his purchase through a screening mechanism such as fingerprinting, background screening, gun registration, etc. Likewise, as a minimal safeguard and as an alternate form of registration, bullets could have coded identification markings; this technology is readily available and easy to implement even within a retail setting.

At the time of purchase, individuals should be informed, in writing, that it’s against the law to sell or give bullets to another person, and those who do so would be subject to severe fines, jail time or both.

Police stations would be the ideal point of purchase. The police would have a vested interest in ensuring that bullets are sold to those without the propensity to do harm. The police are concerned about public safety – not profit. Retail stores can continue to sell the less-deadly firearms. As an aside, additional funds generated from bullet sales could augment the ever-tightening police budgets.

Wouldn’t we all like to know that criminals, the mentally ill, drug dealers and addicts would have difficulty purchasing life-shattering bullets? I know I would.

John Caligiuri

West Seneca