“Spotlight on Health,” a 30-minute Sunday morning radio show that features local medical experts, is marking a decade on the air at WJYE-FM 96.1. To celebrate the occasion, host Tom McNulty is creating an Internet library of his top 100 programs.

“We figured we’ve done about 460 shows in 10 years and have never worried we would run out of topics or interesting guests,” said McNulty. “In fact, it has been very exciting to witness the tremendous progress being made in our region’s health care.”

McNulty was a clinician for years before he moved into management and became BryLin Hospitals’ vice president of marketing in 1988. McNulty got his start on radio after pitching a health program to WBEN-AM 930.

“‘You have a finance show, a gardening show, a car show,’” he recalled telling a radio representative. “‘You even have a real estate show, yet the biggest employer group in the community is health care.’”

“Frankly Speaking” was McNulty’s first health radio program. The call-in show would last four years before he switched stations and launched “Mind Matters” for WHTT-FM 104.1.

“The whole goal of that show was to demystify mental illness,” McNulty said. “We dealt strictly with behavioral health, discussing a wide range of psychiatric and emotional issues from marriage and family counseling to schizophrenia.”

“Spotlight on Health,” McNulty’s current show, is produced by Dale Mussen, morning show co-host on WYRK-FM 106.5.

Topics discussed include suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, painkiller addiction, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, violence in the workplace, eating disorders, cutting behaviors, bullying, underage drinking, sexual abuse, bipolar disorder and the No. 1 reason employees call in sick – depression.

“You don’t have to leave Western New York to get good health care,” McNulty said. “You just need to be a more proactive health-care consumer. Physicians and providers understand that consumers are a little more educated these days.

“We’ve had all the major CEOs of the large health-care organizations, as well as organizations like Music is Art talking about using music to reach teens with depression and eating disorders,” he said.

McNulty is looking to have his top 100 programs archived and available on by March 1.


Newlyweds from North Tonawanda will compete as one of 11 teams on the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race,” CBS announced Wednesday.

Max and Katie Bichler will vie for a $1 million prize in the series’ 22nd race around the world, which kicks off at 8 p.m. Feb. 17 on WIVB-TV Channel 4.

According to a network publicist, Max, 30, works in cigar sales and Katie, 24, is a pharmacist.

Contestants on the nine-time Emmy Award-winning reality show travel the world and, in each new location, are given various tasks to complete. The slowest teams to finish the challenges are eliminated from the competition.

According to CBS, the Season 22 teams will travel over five continents and through nine countries, with skydiving in Bora Bora, a shemozzle race in New Zealand, hunting for scorpions with bushmen in Botswana and climbing the north face of Switzerland’s Eiger Mountain among the contests.