The Iroquois Central School Board, after months of debate and fact-finding, has decided not to change the district policy of excluding home-schooled students from extracurricular activities.

Board President David L. Lowrey said Tuesday that the district’s uncertain budget situation was only part of the reason.

“Knowing that there aren’t a lot of schools that have made this change to their policy, we decided not to change ours,” he said. “The board felt that when parents make the decision to home-school their child, they do so knowing part of that decision means their child can’t be involved in extracurricular activities.”

The topic was raised last fall by Steven and Annette DeNies, who asked that their home-schooled daughter be allowed to take part in the Iroquois High School musical. The request touched off a broader discussion by the board on whether to allow home-schooled children to participate in school clubs and, if so, which ones.

Lowrey said a poll of faculty club advisers showed that some clubs run activities during the day, which would put home-schooled students at a disadvantage. In addition, the school district’s attorneys advised against changing the policy.

In other matters, Superintendent Douglas R. Scofield said the district will replace retiring Transportation Supervisor Bradford Masters Jr., after attempts to job-share with a neighboring district proved unsuccessful. The closest interested candidate was 50 to 60 minutes away, he said, and would require the district to hire another person to fill in, diluting possible savings.

Scofield said he would consider sharing the position at a future date, if a closer district expresses interest. Masters will retire Feb. 28, after 30 years on the job.

Also, the board has delayed approving the 2013-14 district calendar after the state Education Department made significant changes to the Regents exam schedule. Scofield said the district will make adjustments after some exams, typically held late in June, are moved to earlier that month. The new calendar will be voted on at the next board meeting.