America must end this war on babies

So much has been made lately of a “war on women.” Who are they kidding?

More than 55 million people (babies) have been killed by gruesome measures over the last 40 years. That far exceeds the total number of fatalities in all the U.S. wars fought in our 237 years as a nation!

And now the perpetrators are trying to cover up their dirty deeds by taking pills to kill our little citizens. Just consider, if those 55 million had been allowed to live, to grow up, go to work and pay taxes. We would not have the problem with Social Security funding we now have. We may not even have the debt we currently have.

And our representatives want us to pay for even more killings! What is wrong with this picture? Wake up, people. Be responsible for your behavior and stop this war on babies.

Dolores Kurzdorfer