How could Kennedy OK state’s gun control law?

I find it hard to comprehend how my local state senator, Tim Kennedy, could vote for the NY SAFE Act.

This arbitrary law was rushed through the Legislature with no input from his constituency because of the haphazard way it was presented.

While few people would argue about toughening laws for criminals, why would he insist on requiring a recertification for legal gun owners who follow the current laws? For some reason, I could see a huge fee tacked on to this recertification.

As the law is currently written, New York State deems Olympic target rifles as assault weapons. Is this truly the senator’s intention, or did he fail to reason out his actions?

If I decide to stop and pick up a box of deer slugs, I have to get a record check. What is this going to cost the tax payers?

Best of all, I can now see how a mass murderer will now place only seven rounds in a magazine due to the risk of being charged with a class A misdemeanor.

Perhaps Kennedy would better serve the public by crafting a new law that would ban automobiles from exceeding 65 mph. After all, there is no legal reason a civilian should be driving over 65 mph.

Douglas D. Kozuch