Feel-good legislation won’t prevent tragedies

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed through his new gun legislation, he should have gone one step further and outlawed the flu; it would have been just as effective. Now while our politicians congratulate each other and return to their protected ivory towers, the rest of us have to live in the real world. Clearly, no individuals with evil intent are going to ensure that their gun clips contain only seven bullets because they don’t want to break the law while committing mass murder. Furthermore, the recent horrors in Newtown and Webster clearly show that people who cannot legally have guns will still get them illegally.

During the Rockefeller administration, New York had the toughest anti-drug laws in the nation and they did nothing but make criminals out of small-time recreational pot smokers and make drug cartels rich and alarmingly powerful. So, too, these new gun laws turn responsible, law-abiding gun owners into outlaws if they happen to load one bullet too many into their clip, and make the black market in stolen weapons much more lucrative.

The recent carnage in Denver, Newtown, Webster and Virginia Tech demands a serious, thoughtful, comprehensive response, not this knee-jerk, slapped-together, feel-good legislation that unfortunately, as future crime statistics will show, will do nothing to prevent more such tragedies.

Paul Cena