All gun owners need to make voices heard

I was very disgusted the other night watching Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State political nonsense. It seems we now have not only President Obama, but Cuomo as well, standing on the bodies of the dead school children from Connecticut, shouting out their own agendas. Cuomo’s is to be the next president of the United States, and Obama’s is to disarm the citizens.

I listened to both men make impassioned pleas about how guns are the evil killers and that the National Rifle Association is an evil organization while in the next breath they proudly proclaim that they are pro-choice, a practice that kills thousands of babies a day in this country. Call me crazy but this sounds hypocritical to me.

Both Cuomo and Obama were just looking for any excuse to attack the Constitution, to take away or somehow lessen the rights of “We the People.”

By the way, this is how it happens. First it’s the Second Amendment, then maybe the Fourth. A little bit here and a little bit there till we have nothing left, nothing except that self-licking lollipop that we call the federal government.

The United States was founded on an idea and a dream, but those pure thoughts have all but vanished, or have been banished by politicians and citizens willing to give up freedoms for a false sense of security. How sad that we here in this great land may already be past the tipping point, past the point of common sense and reason.

Maybe our only chance is for the silent majority to speak up, in words or actions. We must shout down the vocal minority. Don’t sit idly by, get involved and let other people know what you think. You might just be surprised to find out you think alike. Unless we work together in this great endeavor, our nation is destined, like so many civilizations before us, for the scrap heap of history.

James M. Stern

East Aurora