NEWFANE – A door was pried open over the weekend to break in to Faith Lutheran Church on Transit Road, but church elders told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies that the wine set out for Sunday services was the only thing missing.

A church elder told deputies just after noon Sunday that a door to a storage area had been pried open overnight and a piece of wood covering the pastor’s window was removed to gain entry into the pastor’s office. The door to the treasurer’s office, which had been kicked in, also was damaged. Nothing appeared to have been stolen from the offices or storage area, elders told deputies.

However, 21 one-ounce plastic cups, which had been filled and set out on the altar Saturday afternoon with wine for Sunday services, appeared to have been drunk and the plastic cups were placed back into their holder, the elders told deputies.

Value of the wine was estimated at $5, but damages listed at $200, according to deputies.