Orchard Park Supervisor Janis Colarusso said there still are a few initiatives she wants to finish, and that is why she wants to run for another term.

The first-term Democratic supervisor, who served as town clerk for 16 years, plans to run for re-election in November. She has asked for the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties.

She counts one of her biggest accomplishments as staying within the 2 percent tax cap.

“With the contracts out there, that is a difficult thing to do,” she said.

Colarusso has advocated for a new senior center, and she said she doesn’t want to leave office before the senior department moves from the 7,000-square-foot building on Linwood Avenue to a new or refurbished building.

One of the departments that has been the subject of scrutiny has been the Police Department. The Town Board commissioned a study of the department and dispatching, and residents said overwhelmingly they want dispatch to remain with the town.

But that translates to dollars in the budget, and she pushed to separate out public safety expenses and revenues in the general fund for people to see how much it costs.

“We heard from a lot of residents that they didn’t want dispatch to leave, and they didn’t want their Police Department to leave Town Hall,” she said. “They wanted their own Police Department, they wanted their own dispatch. We felt, ‘OK, but this is what you pay.’ ”

She said future public safety budgets will be subject to the 2 percent tax cap, and the police chief will have to submit a budget that deals with that, along with increases in pay and pension costs, as well as no money allocated for overtime.

She also said the Buffalo Bills are important to the area, and she wants them to stay on Abbott Road in the town.

“If they want to leave Orchard Park to go to the City of Buffalo, that would be fine and dandy with me,” she said. “But I will tell you one thing, if they left that stadium vacant, that would really be disappointing to me and the residents in this town.”

The Town Board will have a new look next year, regardless of Colarusso’s success or failure. Councilman David Kaczor has announced he is not running for a fourth term.

Colarusso said she wants to be around to renegotiate union contracts, which are expiring in the coming months.