Three Buffalo women were accused last week of violently assaulting two other women at the Metro Rail University Station, Buffalo police reported Monday.

Jetuan J. McDuffie, 22, and Britney B. Hall, 23, both of Westminster Avenue; and Deanna D. Olbert, 23, of Herman Street, were all arrested at the Metro station, in the 3000 block of Main Street, about noon Thursday. McDuffie remained jailed Monday and her co-defendants were released on bail, authorities said.

All three women were charged with second-degree assault. They are accused of punching, kicking and hitting in the head and face of one of the victims, causing multiple injuries to the left side of her face and her left eye, police said, and punching, kicking and hitting the other victim in her head, face and body, causing injuries to her right arm, forehead and the right side of her face.