A Springville woman pleaded guilty before Concord Town Court Judge Leslie Gibbin to disorderly conduct and was ordered to make $100 restitution to the owners of the Concord Crest Golf Course, the business from which she admitted stealing receipts, Court Clerk Amy Schosek told The Buffalo News.

Don and Gail Ploetz, the husband and wife-owners of the golf course, told a News reporter Monday that they believe Jeanne M. Feldman, 63, a former Springville Griffith Institute secretary, may have stolen considerably more in receipts in the eight years she worked for them.

After they filmed her pocketing $100 in receipts and fired her last August, that was the only amount for which prosecutors would take her to court, the couple said.

“It’s disheartening for all of us at Concord Crest. We value honesty and integrity, something Feldman obviously does not,” Don Ploetz said. “To take a paycheck from us with one hand and steal with the other, well that kind of betrayal is hard to grasp,” he said.

Gail Ploetz said she and her husband “built our business from the ground up while mortgaging everything we have.”

Erie County sheriff’s deputies arrested Feldman last August, two months after Gail Ploetz said she videotaped her taking $100 “on an $800 day” of sales at the course. She said Feldman “put in for her retirement” the day of her arrest and later offered to pay back $3,800 if the golf course owners agreed not to press charges.

She said an attorney representing Feldman last year offered an $8,500 payback if the case was dropped.

“We still said no,” Gail Ploetz said, because she wanted the incident to be known to the public.

“I sat in the court once a month for six months,” she said, before the case resulted Jan. 14 in the disorderly conduct plea.