Nix missed out on many star players

What do Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and local product Rob Gronkowski have in common? They weren’t good enough for the Bills’ GM to draft. Russ Brandon tells us to be optimistic because things will be different, but Buddy Nix still does the drafting and his track record doesn’t translate to on-field success.

Richard Kelley

East Amherst

Quarterback definitely is a need position

The Bills with their first two draft choices should take two quarterbacks. They should not spend that second choice on a tackle with a sometime back problem or a wide receiver with great speed. They need a quarterback. We have a better chance with two than one.

Peter French


Bills’ fans appreciative of random kindness

Every year my husband and college-aged sons go to the Buffalo Bills’ last home game. This year, while walking to our car, my younger son lost his wallet. We re-traced our steps, talked to the traffic cops, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was a long drive home, and we were all depressed, despite the Bills win. Once we were home, there was a message on our machine – someone found his wallet on the street outside of a church parking lot and turned it into someone at the church, who called us and sent the wallet to my son overnight – with money, credit card and ID intact.

It is amazing to think that among the thousands of people who left the Bills game, someone found the wallet and it was returned to us. The character of a city is made up of the character of its residents, and Buffalo is truly a big city with small-town values. Thanks to the anonymous fan who found the wallet and to Roger and Dawn Smart of Windom Community Church who made sure we got it back. Go Bills!

Donna Newman


Better days for Bills may be forthcoming

As a dedicated Bills fan since the late 70s, I have seen the rise and fall of a franchise and through it all still maintained hope for a return to the glory years of the 1990s to no avail. I lived and worked in Buffalo for 14 years and have always been a fan. We lived behind the stadium in The Big Tree apartments and remember Bruce Smith living in our building as a rookie.

Finally, with the stadium issue settled and the hiring of the new head coach and his approach to staff and players, this may be the start of a journey that will finally culminate in a Super Bowl victory and a championship for a loyal fan base and a well-deserving community.

Frank J. Ford

Pittston, Pa.

New sports station a welcome change

After years of listening to WGR 550, it was a breath of fresh air to tune into 1270 AM, the newest and in most eyes the only professional sports radio available.

No longer do we have to sit through mindless conversations about actor drafts, food drafts, animal drafts among other ridiculous topics. There was a time I heard they were discussing whether a hot dog was a sausage or not.

Just want to leave the new station with a suggestion; please don’t bore us with daily talk about your children, your spouse, or where you spent your vacation. We are diehard sports fans in Western New York and want nothing more than the professionalism we’ve been sorely lacking for years. Thank you for realizing what all of WNY sports fans have known for years, it’s time for a change. Goodbye, WGR and hello, 1270.

Lacy Cassalo


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