Bills lease agreement is bad deal for county

Judging from letters to the editor and what friends are saying, the immense taxpayer expenditure resulting from the proposed Bills lease agreement should require a referendum. Taxpayers from the third-poorest city in the nation should not be stuck paying millions in welfare and diverted state aid for a losing professional football team owned by an out-of-state billionaire who has the option to move the team after seven years.

Unlike Sabres fans, who gravitate to the city, most Bills fans are strictly patrons of concessions at the stadium. The posting of Toyota ads in the county-owned and maintained parking lot, which works against our few remaining local and state manufacturers, is of particular malfeasance since taxpayers are being bamboozled into indirectly financing ads against our own revenue interests.

Let’s hope the County Legislature uses common sense when ratifying this unbalanced lease agreement.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park