Teacher should preach beliefs on her own time

As a retired government employee, I find the actions of Cheektowaga science teacher Joelle Silver in bringing her personal religious beliefs into the classroom highly offensive. Yes, she is entitled to her own religious beliefs. However, the children of all of us – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, non-believers, etc. – are required to attend school and we all are required to pay the taxes that pay her salary. Her job is to teach the facts of science to students of all backgrounds, and on the job she should restrict herself to the requirements of the job. If she wants to preach, she should do it on her own time, as I did before I retired.

To force immature youth to have to deal with attacks on the personal/religious beliefs that they are developing, most likely through the traditions of their families, is a violation of the rights of her students and has no place in the schools. Many of us are concerned with government employees abusing their positions of authority. This case is a prime example.

The respect of all of us should go out to the student who had the courage to stand up to Silver despite the position of authority she had over this young person.

Gary R. Haaf