State’s ill-conceived law will not solve anything

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shoved an ill-conceived law down the throats of the citizens of New York State. Our legislators and the people were not given the courtesy of the three-day period to study its contents and to comment on it. Such veterans of law enforcement as State Sen. Patrick Gallivan have said it won’t solve the crime problem.

Additionally, the governor has stated that sportsmen don’t use “assault weapons.” Apparently he doesn’t read Outdoor Life, Field & Stream or other hunting magazines. AR-15s are used by hunters all over the country.

I wonder how many criminals will register their “assault weapons” and turn in their high-capacity magazines. Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. This law only penalizes the law-abiding citizens and makes them potential criminals with a multiple-page law that the average citizen would have trouble understanding and complying with.

Thomas Pawelczak