Perhaps Americans should turn TV off

Television is at an all-time low. You can’t eat dinner and watch TV because of all the commercials with products and their side effects that are disgusting to listen to. You can change the station, but the same commercial might be playing on the other channel or worse. I have worn out TV remotes and have changed batteries several times because there is nothing on TV but commercials. Rarely does it seem that I can watch a TV program for more than a few minutes without a commercial interruption that stops the flow of the show.

And the quality of TV programs is terrible. Reality shows have taken over because they are so much cheaper to run than a sitcom or drama. This is the dumbing down of America and people can’t seem to get enough of someone else’s misery. The big three TV news on at 6:30 p.m. is pure garbage. There’s real news going on in the world, and the big three are showing YouTube videos and promoting their liberal agenda.

James Ziolkowski