Knee-jerk reaction defies common sense

In light of the recent ferry accident in New York, I would like to propose some new legislation. Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo apparently believes it is the state’s responsibility to protect the people from senseless tragedies involving dangerous machinery, I hereby propose an immediate ban on all ferry boats in the state. Had these dangerous transport vehicles been banned after the last accident, none of those severely injured on Jan. 9 would have been injured. On the other hand, many people rely on this dangerous mode of transportation every day, so perhaps it would be better to institute an immediate ban on any ferry capable of carrying more than seven passengers. Surely that will save lives.

Or, instead, we could look at the incident sensibly, and realize that the ferry boat is not at fault here. I am sure most people would agree that the ferry did not injure the passengers – rather, it was the responsibility of the operators to ensure the safe transport of the passengers. In the same way, responsible use of firearms is the onus of the gun operator. Putting a machine – whether it be an automobile, a hammer, a gun or a ferry – in the hands of an incompetent operator is what leads to injuries and death. Limiting the size of an ammunition clip or the number of passengers on a ferry serves no real purpose.

Mark Cordz