Pedestrians, motorists can peacefully co-exist

This is a response to Bruce Andriatch’s commentary on the sidewalk shoveling issue. As a marathon runner, let me speak (hopefully sufficiently) on behalf of the runners who continue to run outside in the winter months. Training outside is a unique experience that cannot be simulated on a treadmill, let alone be substituted with other exercise, particularly when doing long-distance training. That being said, it is important for motorists to adhere to the law with regard to pedestrian safety, because we are not going to stop running outside because of a little snow.

Now, to runners, bicyclists and other pedestrians out there: When possible, give motorists a friendly thank-you wave or nod for doing things such as giving you sufficient room when driving by or allowing you to cross before they turn on green. It will increase the chances that the driver will do it again in the future or even tell their friends and family to do the same.

There is no reason to turn this pedestrian-motorist relationship into a bitter road war.

Benjamin Kuch

Grand Island