Songwriter Ana Egge has an unusual “official” artist’s bio. The brief outline posted on her website forgoes the usual “Artist X is the greatest thing to happen to music since Lennon met McCartney” type of hyperbole, instead focusing on Egge’s nonmusical qualities – in this instance, compassion, wit, grace and the ability to tell stories in song “from the heart with humor and humanity.”

These are, of course, essential qualities for a songwriter wishing to capture the deeply human struggles of ordinary lives in songs that might, in some fashion, celebrate those struggles. Egge’s last album, the Steve Earle-produced “Bad Blood,” is packed with such compassionate observations, and is one of the finest roots-based collections released over the past several years.

Egge is on the road in support of the album, and her journey pauses for a show at 5 p.m. Sunday in the Sportsmen’s Tavern (326 Amherst St.). Tickets are $10. Visit

– Jeff Miers