The Village of Orchard Park has won a grant that is aimed at improving safety for children walking and riding their bicycles to school.

New York State announced the award of $391,867 in federal Safe Routes to School funding to the village for the repair, replacement, improvement and the extension of sidewalks within the village and for the Orchard Park School District to provide education programs to encourage young students to embrace an energetic active lifestyle by walking to school.

The school district will receive $17,850 for the educational programs, and the village will receive $374,017 for the sidewalk work. The work will be done mainly near South Davis Elementary and the Middle School, and is expected to start in September.

Sidewalks will be replaced along both sides of Clark Street and extended to the Forest Avenue Bridge. Additional work will be done on Bank Street and, with the support of the Town of Orchard Park, within Yates Park, improving existing pathways extending to the end of Woodland Drive in the village and the end of Carey Drive in the town.