Timothy J. McMullen, the middle school principal who was suspended in 2011 by the Allegany-Limestone Central School District, resigned this week during a special meeting of the Board of Education.

The resignation was accepted unanimously Tuesday afternoon by the board “pursuant to the terms of an agreement previously executed by Mr. McMullen,” according a district resolution.

McMullen, 41, of Allegany, had been brought up on undisclosed charges by the district under state education law.

District officials reported that McMullen’s departure from the district was mutually agreed upon in satisfaction of those charges.

McMullen was one of two local public school principals to depart their respective districts Tuesday following district charges. The Depew Union Free School District terminated longtime elementary school principal Robert J. Puchalski, 60, following the recommendation of a state hearing officer who sided with the district in its 21 charges against him.

Unlike in Depew, where the district released details surrounding Puchalski’s firing that ranged from his alleged misappropriation of school field trip funds to using hundreds of work hours for personal phone calls, Allegany-Limestone officials did not provide details about its charges against McMullen.

What is similar in the two cases, however, is that both principals remained paid during their suspensions.

Puchalski took home nearly $118,000 in salary while the district prepared its investigation against him.

Payroll records obtained by SeeThroughNY show McMullen took home $85,477 in 2011, most of which while he was on leave or suspended.

He was paid $87,314 through 2012 while his suspension continued.

According to a report published this week by the Olean Times-Herald, the Allegany-Limestone district entered the agreement with McMullen “for economic and business reasons” while McMullen agreed to it “for personal and family reasons.”

The agreement resolve the charges against McMullen, the report stated.

Allegany-Limestone Middle School currently remains under the administration of acting Principal Michael Martel.

The district, however, is soliciting applicants for the middle school principal’s position on its website.

Applications should be submitted to Superintendent Karen Geelan by Feb. 1.

McMullen did not respond to a Buffalo News request Friday seeking comment.