Bush shares blame for soaring deficit

The editorial cartoons of Lisa Benson and Michael Ramirez are redundantly boring and very inaccurate. They continually blame President Obama for the high deficit.

In fact, more than half of the current deficit is a result of bad Bush policies: two unpaid wars, huge tax breaks for the rich, wasting taxpayer money on the pharmaceutical industry and allowing Wall Street to operate out of control. All of these things resulted in a severe recession and huge deficit.

Now, the same people who caused this large deficit want to reduce it by cutting programs that had little to do with causing it. Instead of cutting things that help the less wealthy, why not eliminate tax loopholes, make all major corporations pay taxes, end tax breaks for those who outsource jobs, place a speculation fee on Wall Street and reduce our $700 billion military/defense budget? Once again, Republican spin on reality is a charade.

Michael Hilburger