LOCKPORT – A Niagara Falls man, whose attorney thought he had left for Atlanta, turned himself in Wednesday, and Thursday he pleaded guilty before Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas to a reduced charge of attempted second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Thomas J. Pryor Jr., 20, of Center Avenue, is to be sentenced April 12. Farkas promised him a one-year sentence, but he also must plead guilty in Niagara Falls City Court March 6 to a misdemeanor stemming from a domestic violence case. Thus, Farkas said Pryor’s total term is likely to be two years.

Pryor, along with DeMario D. Crittenden, 33, of 16th Street, and Levester J. Rose, 34, of Dudley Avenue, were arrested on cocaine and weapons charges Dec. 3, 2011, after a vehicle stop at 22nd Street and Willow Avenue. Crittenden and Rose pleaded guilty Monday.

Pryor also is facing a prosecution demand for a DNA sample in connection with another gun possession arrest Aug. 24.