GOP needs to adapt to a changing world

In spite of my liberal outlook, I genuinely believe that we need a strong Republican Party. I remember vividly the GOP of old. It was the home of authentic statesmen. They were men of stature, by and large, who went to Washington to work for everyone in the country, not just their own selfish, personal gain. I did not always agree with the positions they took, but one could understand their fiscally conservative approach to politics and they fought heroically for what they believed. Sometimes they won and sometimes they lost, but their concern was always for the common good. One can respect that.

But what do we have now? We have the hollow shell of a once-great political party. The radical element, a minority, is responsible for holding the party up to ridicule. The bitterness, vitriol and nihilism that characterize the party now are frightening. It is time for true conservatives to stand up and come to the aid of their party. The moderates must gird their loins and separate from the tea party. Right now, the tail is wagging the dog.

It is my considered opinion that the negativism we see is the direct result of having an African-American president. I had hoped that we were past that, but apparently we are not. Are we doomed to repeat this scenario when a woman becomes president? Perhaps so, considering the anti-woman legislation the GOP is sponsoring again. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is fear on the part of white men, and a small contingent of misguided women, that they are losing control. My advice to them is, “wake up and smell the coffee.” Those days are gone forever. Our country is destined to be, in the best sense of the word, a multicultural society. Get used to it!

Joseph Spina