Kearns deserves praise for stance against Silver

In high school, we all read in “To Kill A Mockingbird” that “The one thing that does not abide by a majority rule is a person’s conscience.” While it is a book about prejudice and discrimination, it is also a book about courage in many forms. It is hoped by many teachers that its principles and virtues would be lived in the future by their students, and for at least one student they can be proud.

In a day and age when the duty to show political courage is more honored in the breach than the observance by so many elected officials, it is refreshing to hear that a man’s word to not vote for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was upheld, along with his loyalty to a friend. I am of course talking about Assemblyman Michael P. Kearns’ courage to stand by principle, conscience and a campaign promise, rather than go along with the political leadership that has done nothing for upstate New York.

Lori Mascia