Install traffic cameras on Route 5 and Skyway

Can someone please tell me why there are no traffic cameras on Route 5 and the Skyway? For the second time in a month, I sat in traffic on Route 5 for almost 30 minutes while listening to the traffic reporter on my radio station announce that all majors were running smoothly. Finally, after over a half hour, the traffic reporter said, “We have a report of a problem on Route 5 at Tifft Street, but I really can’t tell you what it is because we don’t have any cameras there.” Why? I contacted the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and was told that it wasn’t its jurisdiction. The NFTA suggested I contact Erie County and the City of Buffalo, which I did, and had no response.

It amazes me that the folks from north of the city get reports of accidents and malfunctioning traffic lights with pinpoint accuracy. Alternate routes are suggested to make their commute easier. Why can’t we get the same services in the Southtowns? We usually get the brunt of the winter storms and yet we don’t get any accurate information to help us make a safe commute.

Judith Szematowicz