The Minority Bar Association of Western New York will hold its first monthly meeting with its newly-elected 2013 Executive Board at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Harter Secret & Emery law firm, Suite 400, at Twelve Fountain Plaza.

New president is Stephanie J. Calhoun; vice-president, Ericka N. Bennett; treasurer, Gary A. Wilson; recording secretary, Jennifer Metzger Kimura; and corresponding secretary, Joel Moore.

Leah A. Bouquard and Mary C. Chan were both reelected directors.

Calhoun succeeds Joseph S. Brown. She said all local judges, law clerks, attorneys, law school professors, law school graduates and law school students interested in either renewing their membership or becoming members are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Anyone with questions can call 853-8566 or email