BATAVIA – The City Council has agreed to increase fees for peddler and solicitor permits, as well as add a provision to revoke licenses for any violations.

The new fees – the first change in the permits in nearly 30 years – are $100 for food vendors and $200 for solicitors.

Meanwhile, Council members will begin new fiscal year budget discussions and decide on a new contract for trash pickup and recycling. ARC has handled this service for 30 years, but for the first time, the city sought bids. Two companies submitted lower bids, but ARC provides jobs for 30 people, three-quarters of whom are handicapped and have difficulty finding work.

ARC’s new bid is a hybrid, in which the agency would work with two other Western New York companies. ARC could maintain most of its workforce by picking up recyclables. Another company, Boon and Sons, would handle trash, and Cascades would deal with recyclables.

The city’s fiscal year begins April 1. The current spending plan of $23.3 million increased property taxes by about 2.5 percent. Water rates also increased.