Poverty in inner cities is root of gun problem

Eugene Robinson is an excellent writer, with whom I rarely agree. In his Jan. 3 column, he states that in 2010, 11,078 homicides were committed with guns. What he and other writers fail to note is that 90 percent or more of these homicides are committed in inner-city neighborhoods with guns that are not registered and are illegally possessed by males under 30 years of age, and where the high school graduation rate for males is 25 percent or less. Most of these killings are gang- and drug-related.

When are we going to realize that we have a national problem in our inner cities? In time, this is going to bring this great country down. People in suburbia and our elected officials have to stop turning a blind eye to this problem and start doing something about it. More gun control is not going to make one bit of difference in the already lawless inner cities.

I don’t own (or want to own) a handgun or assault-type weapon, and I am against high-capacity magazines (over 10 rounds), but I do believe that law-abiding citizens should be able to legally own these guns if they so desire.

Poverty, blight, lack of eduction and jobs are the real problems, not guns. Let’s do something about it.

Dennis Cronin