Aid given to culturals is reinvested in economy

The letter suggesting Erie County outlays too much money to cultural groups strikes me as somewhat misguided. As opposed to the ridiculous (for many of us) amount of money the county gives to the Bills every year (most of which goes to ungrateful millionaires who promptly “take the money and run”), virtually all the money invested in area cultural groups is, in some way – rent, food, taxes, etc. – reinvested right back into our local economy.

Perhaps most importantly, the local cultural events are not exclusively for the rich, who can afford to fly to New York City or Toronto if events aren’t locally available. Instead, the broad spectrum of county-financed local events are available to our area’s youth, hopefully inspiring many to open their eyes, ears and brains to an alternative from the garbage that bombards their normal everyday lives.

Also, we who are in the economic middle, given our limited budgets, are offered an amazing array of varying events from which to choose. By the way, I do agree with the writer’s promotion of playgrounds and parks, financially one of the county’s most valued added expenses. Frankly, my only sadness is that Buffalo can’t seem to support a true arts cinema, like many other cities, providing foreign films, off-off Hollywood films, etc., in addition to our regular fare.

David Hendrich