America should treat guns the same as cars

When cars were first invented, anyone could strap an engine to a cart and start driving. It was neither a right nor a privilege to have a car – it just was something people could do. As cars became move prevalent, people realized the need to control them, and laws were implemented that required driver licensing and vehicle registration. Although most people were capable of responsible car ownership, laws were needed to ensure that everyone understood the seriousness of owning and operating what could be a threat to public safety.

Today, we face the same issue with gun ownership. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and mindful of proper control of their weapons. However, laws are not written for the vast majority of people; they are written by the vast majority to say to those without common sense or morality: “Enough is enough. We will not tolerate this anti-social behavior any longer.”

I propose that guns be treated the same as cars. If you want to own/operate one, you must have a federally issued license that requires full background checks and the passing of a gun safety course appropriate for the type of gun(s) you wish to own. In addition, all guns must be issued a title that will be tracked in a national database. If a gun is used in the commission of a crime and it has not been reported lost or stolen, then you will be liable for penalties for failing to secure your weapons.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Gun owners get to keep their guns and society will be able to extract penalties on those who do not follow the law. And for those who argue that criminals will not adhere to these laws, we’ll add extra stiff penalties for any non-licensed individual caught with a non-titled gun.

Anne B. Fairbanks