Task force is not part of WNY Peace Center

While we applaud the recent exchange of ideas and thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine (Everybody’s Column, Dec. 14, Dec. 21, Jan. 2 and Jan. 7), the Western New York Peace Center wants to correct the mistaken assertion (Jan. 2 and Jan. 7) that the Palestine-Israel Task Force is a part of our organization. That task force separated itself from the Western New York Peace Center several years ago.

Furthermore, we have no formal association with Norm Tederous’ Western New York Peace Group. The Peace Center’s current crop of task forces is listed on our website ( and we encourage future letter writers and The News to visit our site before publishing letters naming the Western New York Peace Center. Although we have no task force focused on this extremely important issue, we hope to continue facilitating robust debate on the Palestine-Israel situation.

Rev. Pierre Albrecht-Carrie

Chair of the Coordinating Board

Charley Bowman

Interim Executive Director

WNY Peace Center