Congress needs to get its priorities in order

According to a Buffalo News article, the Air Force trained 350 drone pilots this past year and by 2015 will need 2,000 of them. Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff, stated this past summer that it’s “conceivable” that the Air Force one day will have more pilots flying drones than manned aircraft.

At the same time our country is building the F-35 fighter, whose genesis dates back almost two decades and which has become the world’s most expensive weapons program ever. It has cost Americans some $400 billion so far, is running 100 percent over budget and is about a decade behind schedule.

While some members of Congress talk of the need to decrease social programs that serve American citizens, they seem to treat any military investment as critical to America’s future. This F-35 will soon become an outdated killing machine. No matter how irrational and expensive this decision is, those legislators would give a higher priority to the military-industrial complex than to programs that serve the more vulnerable members of our society. Is Congress truly reflecting our priorities?

Norm McLaughlin