Having armed officers in schools makes sense

I think we’re all very happy that the students from Sandy Hook have returned to school and we wish them all the best. I also think we are all concerned about them returning to a secure environment, so I was glad when Monroe Police Lt. Keith White proclaimed the new school the safest school in America, and I know why. I saw armed officers positioned around the school to provide protection for the students, just like the National Rifle Association suggested.

What? Wait a minute. What’s going on here? When the NRA suggested that an armed security officer be stationed at schools to provide protection, it was jeered as a bunch of gun-toting cowboys trying to turn the school grounds into the Wild West. But when Monroe police officers show up with guns at their sides, there’s not a peep about it. So maybe it’s not a bad idea after all. It just depends who the advocate is.

George Knab