I often reflect, is it possible for someone to have the characteristics of both a lion and a lamb? At one time, I would have said no, but due to some events that occurred in my life, my view started to change.

In the earlier part of 2012, I was offered the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Kampala, Uganda.

After we had maintained communication on a daily basis, Pastor Dixon Nsubuga with Rescue Christian Ministries Church welcomed me to the country and to fellowship with the church.

I had never been out of the United States before, but I had a desire for mission work and learning about other cultures. When I accepted the invitation, it did not occur to me how bold and courageous taking this step would be.

Reality set in after a while, and I thought to myself, “I am going into this like a lamb.” Don’t we often in life find ourselves going into situations or circumstances like a lamb, not fully knowing, timid and sometimes just dumbfounded?

Deep down inside, I was scared, timid and completely dependent not only on the pastor and the people of Rescue Ministries, but on God. I did not have any control over this mission trip, because now I was being prepared and elevated to a different level in my life. I was a single mother of four, and traveling to another country by myself was overwhelming and I wondered, “Why me?”

The answer to that question came to light when I least expected it. From the moment I arrived in Uganda in July 2012, my life completely changed for the better. I was welcomed in Uganda with open arms and open hearts by many people. The people of the church treated me with the highest form of respect. Everything was provided for me – meals, shelter and transportation. I was invited into the homes of people who did not know me, offering me a meal, conversation and the opportunity to talk about the word of God.

The people were receptive and the children were inviting. They simply enjoyed seeing a new face and were eager to say “Hi.” Friendships and other relationships were developed, and I found it difficult to return home.

In a matter of six days in Uganda, I realized how blessed and fortunate I am in the United States. Things that I once considered a priority in my life really were not.

After being home for about a week, Pastor Nsubuga and Rescue Ministries asked, “When will you come back?” I had no doubt I would go back to Uganda and planned to return in October 2012. This time my experience and mission trip were more profound ... not only did my relationships grow with the people, but one also began to blossom with Pastor Nsubuga, who requested my hand in marriage. On Oct. 28, I became Mrs. Nsubuga.

I am writing these things from my heart to yours. Women are diverse, from many different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs in life. We were designed to be strong bearers – we carry so much throughout the day with our varied duties and obligations. Sometimes we look to see what others will say or notice, but strength, courage and determination are always present in us. As women we just need to look a little deeper and learn a few things about ourselves.

We can be both a lamb and a lion. I came out a lion more boldly, showing what really already was there inside me. There is a time and a place for both characteristics, and we must use them wisely.

I would just like to remind women the importance of knowing your self-worth and that we are created to do many and all things that we set our minds to, just as I boldly took a step to venture off in an area of unfamiliarity ... going in like a lamb and coming out like a lion.

It is the end result that holds the importance.