Let’s hope these guys get over their disappointment about the outcome of the Discover BCS National Championship football game in time for Wednesday’s gig at the Town Ballroom (681 Main St.). Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan Stasik and several members of the UM extended family are Notre Dame graduates and staunch supporters of the school’s team. It had to hurt watching their guys take such a beating Monday. But whatever, dude – by Tuesday, Umphrey’s McGee was aboard the annual Jam Cruise – essentially a jam-band bacchanal on a boat.

Umphrey’s, the Chicago-born band that has spent the last decade becoming one of the most exciting and dynamic live ensembles extant, is in a good spot. Its most recent effort, “Death By Stereo,” is a brilliant collection that blends prog rock, jam stylings, indie and alternative rock, pop, techno, reggae and... well, you get the point. These guys are masterful musicians with boundless compositional imaginations and chops.

If you’ve seen the band live, you probably didn’t do so just once – every Umphrey’s show is radically different and that thrill of not knowing quite what to expect is contagious and exhilarating. If you haven’t seen Umphrey’s – well, shame on you! Here’s your chance to make good. The Town Ballroom gig starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Tickets are $25 (box office,

– Jeff Miers