Who?: Nick Bruckman, vocals/lead guitar; Jordan Strychalski, rhythm guitar/synth/keys; Chris Stresing, bass guitar/synth; Jack Giangrosso, drums/percussion.

What?: Burgeoning Buffalo band specializes in spacious, psychedelic, groove-alicious funk and reggae/dub. These guys provide a healthy antidote to the oversaturated dubstep movement by reacquainting us with the organic vitality and real-time interaction of the best dub and reggae music. These guys can jam, they’ve got killer songs and they groove like nobody’s business.

What’s next?: A release party to mark the unveiling of “Worlds Apart” is at 10 p.m. Saturday in Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St).

Check out:, where you can stream and/or buy “Worlds Apart” and get to know the band in a virtual manner.

– Jeff Miers