Transparency is lacking in state fracking review

Does anyone besides me get the feeling that the governor and the Department of Environmental Conservation don’t really want to know what I think about hydraulic fracturing coming to New York State? The unfinished health review that is supposed to be central to the environmental impact statement has not been made public. The process for public reaction such as open hearings has not been conducted this time. Last time they were held, there was a huge outcry from citizens saying they did not want fracking because they were terrified of what it could do to our underground water and our air quality.

The public comment period has been held for approximately a month and will end on Friday. Oh, you missed it? Anyone really wanting public comment probably wouldn’t conduct it during the holidays, that is if he really wanted feedback. The work of the “health study” is being carried out by three outside experts who are contracted for a mere 25 hours of their time. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “no” to New York’s own physicians and scientists who demanded a transparent, comprehensive health impact statement.

I now have an inkling of what citizens of Third World countries feel like when oil companies and corporations come in and take their resources and ruin their environment. I thought in the United States our voices were heard, but I have to ask, “Who is listening?”

Judy Fitzgerald