A former South Buffalo teacher who served nearly three years in prison for raping 14-year-old male student several years ago is again being sought by authorities after she apparently removed an electronic bracelet she was required to wear as a condition to her parole.

Cara L. Dickey, 34, whose last known address was on Bailey Avenue in South Buffalo, is wanted on a warrant issued Thursday, authorities said.

“We know that the electronic bracelet has been detached. She has not responded to attempts to reach her,” said Peter K. Cutler, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Dickey pleaded guilty in March 2009 to two counts of second-degree rape. She admitted having a relationship with a South Buffalo Charter School student who was 14 years old at the time the crimes were committed the previous summer.

She also, in June 2008, tried to coax the boy into committing suicide with her using a cocktail of Bacardi rum, Tylenol and Nyquil.

At the time of her sentence, a tearful Dickey told State Supreme Court Justice John L. Michalski she was “a good person who made a mistake,” and asked her family to forgive her for her “betrayal.”

Michalski, at sentencing, called Dickey’s actions “despicable” and sentenced her to four years in prison. He also imposed a $1,270 fine and issued an order of protection that prohibits her from contacting her victim or his family until 2020. Additional prison time would be a likely consequence should she disobey that order.

Dickey entered Albion Correctional Facility, a medium-security prison for women, May 4, 2009. After a hearing in December 2011, she was released late last February on parole.

Dickey was to remain on post-release supervision until February 2020.

Cutler said a parole officer last had contact with Dickey on Tuesday.

Parole officials became aware Wednesday that the ankle bracelet, whose transmissions are monitored, apparently was detached.

Anyone who sees Dickey is asked to call 911.

Dickey was a middle school teacher with a husband, Roy, three young children and a house in Clarence.

Roy Dickey filed for divorce a short time after his wife was arrested. Their divorce was finalized in 2010, according to public records in the Erie County Clerk’s Office.

Dickey, in another bizarre circumstance, arose as a government witness in the second of three murder trials of Robin G. Kalinowski, who was sentenced last April to 25 years to life in the 2005 shooting death of her husband, Kevin.

The two women had jailhouse talks in 2008 that were, according to Dickey, initiated by Kalinowski.

Dickey told jurors Kalinowski never exhibited any sorrow about her husband’s death and that Kalinowski had vowed to flee the area with her two sons if she were ever able to gain bail.

Defense attorneys argued Dickey’s statements were motivated by attempting to curry favor with prosecutors for a better deal in her own case. Among the items presented in the case to rebut Dickey’s credibility in the Kalinowski case was a sexually-graphic handwritten note she penned to a 43-year-old man, a convicted cocaine trafficker from Olean, who also was incarcerated at the holding center.

A juror in that second trial against Kalinowski told The Buffalo News that some of the things written by Dickey in the letter “had everyone in the courtroom cringing,” adding that the juror “felt dirty just listening to it.”

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