How can Collins advocate letting U.S. go into default?

The News quotes newly elected Rep. Chris Collins as saying, “If the only leverage we have is the debt limit, I’ll be there saying I’m fighting for my children, your children, our grandchildren.” In other words, Collins is saying that he will join with those other extremist Republicans who are threatening to let the country go into default and effectively wreck the economy if they don’t get the conservative legislation that they want.

Are you kidding me? Is this the best we can get from Collins, the mega-millionaire private-sector business genius? His threat to let the country go into default is akin to him saying to his employees that if he has a disagreement with them and can’t get his way, he will not only close down the factory but will burn it down with himself and all his employees inside it. In addition to that, he will make sure that the surrounding neighborhood goes up in flames, too.

If the United States is allowed to default, then Collins, the nation and the world will suffer because of the severe economic consequences. Wake up, Western New York, we deserve better.

Richard W. Kirisits