It’s politics as usual in the White House

For almost three years, all I have heard is that the economic mess that this country is in is a direct result of the tax cuts enacted by President George W. Bush. These tax cuts had put the country into a recession and the only way out was to eliminate them. These tax cuts were not only for the rich but also for the middle class and lower-wage earners in different forms of credits.

Now comes President Obama and his logic that there have to be tax increases on only the wealthy in this great country to save it. What happened to the rest of the blame that was put on Bush? Now those devastating tax cuts that were given to the middle and low-income wage earners were no longer a threat to the welfare of our country. Now those tax cuts are necessary to maintain a middle-class lifestyle for most and to help the poor and underprivileged people survive.

Not to mention all the hidden tax increases that are entwined within the regulations of the Affordable Care Act. We all will pay for those hidden taxes.

Simply put, it’s politics as usual. Place the blame on the other guy and heap praise on yourself for saving the middle class by extending the bad tax breaks from Bush, which now became good tax breaks from Obama. Who will Obama blame now if the economy doesn’t come around and the country continues to sputter for another four years? He certainly isn’t going to blame himself.

David E. Nowak