TOWN OF LOCKPORT – New sidewalks in areas leading to Lockport schools will be funded through a $570,000 grant from the state Department of Transportation, Economic Development Director David R. Kinyon told the Town Board on Wednesday.

The grant from the DOT was a collaborative effort between Kinyon and Rosanna Sandell, director of research and development for the Lockport City School District.

Kinyon said they had help from City of Lockport Director of Engineering and Public Works Norman D. Allen, the Lockport Police Department, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies.

In the town, Kinyon said, new sidewalks will be installed along Locust Street Extension between O’Connor Drive and George Southard Elementary School, the only school in the Lockport district located outside city limits.

Other sidewalks will be installed along East High Street between Day and Davison roads, leading to Roy B. Kelley Elementary and Emmet Belknap Intermediate schools.

Kinyon said the funding package includes $116,000 toward programs educating both children and motorists about safety around schools.

Town Supervisor Marc R. Smith said this appears to be the largest grant the town has ever received.

“We started in 2005 with a connectivity plan, and this gets a great deal of that connectivity plan into the ground,” Smith said.

The town also has been working with the DOT to have extended sidewalks installed along Robinson Road to allow pedestrian access all the way to South Transit Road.

In other matters Wednesday, Smith said the board intends to appoint a successor to late Councilman Paul H. Pettit at its Jan. 23 session.

Pettit, who died Nov. 17 at age 74, had served on the Town Board since 1997. His term would have expired at the end of this year.

The appointee will have to run for a full four-year term this November if he or she wants to stay on the board beyond 2013.

Wednesday, the board appointed Robert M. Runk to the town Industrial Development Agency, replacing Paul J. Haber, who resigned last month. Runk, lead mechanical engineer at Edwards Vacuum in Wheatfield, will serve through 2017. Also, Sallie P. Reed was reappointed to the IDA board through 2019.

Kevin S. Roth was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals through 2016, taking the seat of Frank R. Loiars, who died Oct. 28.

Kevin J. McCabe, the former chairman of the City of Lockport Zoning Board who has moved to the town, was chosen to succeed Roth as the Zoning Board’s alternate member through 2017. Also, Donald J. Jablonski, chairman of the town Republican Committee, was reappointed to the Zoning Board with a term running through 2017.

Scott B. Carlson and alternate member Thomas F. Grzebinski II were reappointed to the Planning Board. Carlson’s term lasts through 2019; Grzebinski’s appointment is only for this year.