Washington politicians certainly aren’t ‘leaders’

I would appreciate it if the media would stop calling the politicians in Washington “leaders.” They demonstrate that they have, time after time, dissipated all opportunities to earn that title. And one can only earn the title “leader.” One cannot buy it, in spite of spending billions of dollars of other people’s money, as has been demonstrated in the last election.

Spending these billions of dollars with no residual benefit in terms of infrastructure or manufacturing capacity or enhanced capability. The only legacy to the gross election spending is the residual special interest obligation.

The politicians have known for years that this critical moment, designated the fiscal cliff, was coming. They let their egos and special interest agendas supersede the best interests of the country. The politicians let the poison of uncertainty fester throughout the economy, undermining the confidence of the domestic and international communities, at a time when it would do the most damage.

And don’t refer to these politicians as the “heads” of their respective parties either. Not when they have all the attributes of the opposite ends of the respective beasts.

The American people deserve better from the elected politicians. The American people also deserve accurate descriptions of the politicians who parade around Washington, while their constituents do the best they can.

Barry A. Minbiole

East Amherst