The big Gadawski

Buzz thinks priests should go around in collars and birettas, and nuns should wear habits, the way they used to in Mel Brooks movies. But the idea of clergy going undercover has its merits. Saturday's Buffalo News story about Niagara Falls tavern keeper Eddie Gadawski elicited talk, on the Internet, of Gadawski's greatness. In a recent video circulated by Forgotten Buffalo, Gadawski reminisced about the time a guy walked in wearing a cowboy outfit – “chain, keys hanging, cowboy shoes, cowboy hat,” he said – and sat around, observing. Finally Gadawski asked him, “What do you want?” The cowboy finally said: “I'm Bishop Grosz, your new pastor.” What a surprise! Gadawski burst out laughing, reminiscing. “I said, 'Thank God I didn't throw you out.'”

Ring in the new

When you see Mayor Byron Brown belting out “Auld Lang Syne,” which he did at the Statler Ice Ball, you know it will be a good year in music. And it is! For starters: The Canal Street String Band, named after notorious Canal Street, performs maritime folk music with banjo, mandolins, guitars, dobro and cow bones. Bone up on your cow bones! See it at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Village Meeting House, 5658 Main St., Williamsville – as far from Canal Street as can be imagined. Meanwhile, the Sportsmen's Tavern sent out bulletins referring alternately to Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones and Dave Alvin and the Quilty Ones. The Guilty Quilties don't perform until June 3, so we have a while to get their name straight. Finally, as the holidays fade away, Buzz's fake tree stays up, needless to say. Or, as Buzz's mom adds: “Needle-less.”

Oldie but goodie

Old fogie radio is soothing this time of year, and Buzz stumbled on a great station: 740 AM Toronto. It was playing Sinatra singing “It Had to Be You.” The host paused in his playlist to endorse the new hearing aid he was wearing. “I'll describe some of its features in subsequent broadcasts,” he said. Then he announced music by Nat “King” Cole, and Tommy Dorsey from 1940. When we tuned in a few days later, they were playing the Top 10 – but No. 4 was the Statler Brothers' “Flowers on the Wall.” We'll be back, 740 AM! Or should we say, we'll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places …

The buzz

Great news, about how the NHL lockout is over. This is more time Buzz will have to go shopping and out to eat when everyone else is otherwise occupied. … Had to smile, reading how the queen gave the retiring Archbishop of Canterbury the title of Baron Williams of Oystermouth. What a yummy title! In Buffalo we should have the Baron of Chickenwingmouth. … A friend writes on Facebook: “I'm starting to think that, when the time comes, it would be a good idea to cover my Christmas tree with a garbage bag and store it away fully decorated. I am officially an old lady.” Ha, ha! Our friend is a 30-year-old guy.


“Evil Twin, the Beer Formerly Know as Black Out Imperial Porter.”

– Beer advertised at Blue Monk