America is charting right course on Syria

Incredible disbelief. That was my immediate reaction after reading a commentary appearing in a recent Another Voice column attempting to make the case that the United States is overlooking the bloodshed in Syria and doing so at its own peril. While sharing the deep sense of frustration and anguish with the author over the carnage the government of Syria continues to inflict upon most of its citizens, laying the blame for this situation solely at the feet of our government is an incorrect assertion. An assertion that ignores the geopolitical realities at play in the world while failing to point the finger of condemnation at Russia and China, where it belongs, for blocking any meaningful overt action under the auspices of the United Nations that might put an end to this carnage.

The egregious decisions made and actions taken by our previous president and key members of his administration should not so quickly be forgotten. All Americans should laud the current administration in Washington for charting the course it has to date regarding Syria. In pondering how far America, on its own, should put its toes in the water regarding Syria, consider the following regarding American involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq from 9/11 through 2012: Military personnel killed, 6,660; wounded, over 50,000; cost $1.59 trillion, not counting billions in future medical-related costs to care for our wounded. In spite of all this, America is leading the charge in pushing every diplomatic button it can, and no doubt a few covert buttons too, to intercede and try to end the horrific misery that is occurring in Syria.

America is hardly sitting on the sidelines regarding Syria. And, for a change, we’re not putting our interests in peril.

Edward F. McKee

East Amherst