Bills once again turn to Nix to find a quick fix

Gailey’s boys won only six, but that wasn’t the fault of Buddy Nix. He stocked the team with winning guys, but Gailey couldn’t win the prize.

So now while in our current fix, we turn again to Buddy Nix. He’ll hire the coach and make the picks, and maybe give us more of Fitz. Regardless how it all turns out, it won’t be Buddy Nix’s fault.

John Ludington


Bills should pursue Gruden as their next head coach

The day C.J. Spiller was drafted, Jon Gruden said that he was the best available player in the draft.

The Bills should ask Gruden if he would like to join the Bills and Spiller.

Wally Koperski


Promotion of Brandon is much of same old, same old

There was a misprint in your recent headline, it should have read “Brandon takes reins for new ‘error.’

Different circus, same clowns.

Timothy M. Sullivan


Bills’ hand forced when it came to signing new lease

If you wonder why the Bills agreed so quickly to a new lease agreement just review the relocation rules set up by the Commissioner for moving a franchise which are readily available on line. Under these rules Ralph Wilson cannot move the franchise and had no alternative but to strike a deal with the state and county for stadium upgrades.

There are 12 criteria for relocation. And there are major requirements for a city to receive a team, which very few cities including Los Angeles presently meet. A team cannot move if it has strong fan loyalty, makes a profit, has NFL stadium adequacy, public financial support by the city and taxpayers, has relocation approval by 24 other teams and several other requirements which Buffalo presently meets.

And here is the biggest problem for Wilson if he could move the team, which he can’t, there is a $275 million dollar relocation fee that he would have to pay. This would represent about œ of the present value of the team and is something historically Wilson would not be inclined to do.

Presently, according to information on line, there are only four NFL teams which come close to qualifying to move to Los Angeles, they are San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis and Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s owner says that he will not move the team. So before we congratulate Ralph Wilson for being so loyal to Buffalo we should examine the facts on line.

John W. Kowalski


Owners have the hammer, not players, during lockout

Regarding the lockout situation in the National Hockey League, what the players fail to realize is that the owners can wait them out indefinitely. The owners have other sources of income, and really don’t need hockey in the first place.

The pressure is on the players, because they don’t have any money coming in to pay their salaries.

Kevin Naylor


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