New Year’s Eve service by NFTA was appalling

A group of teens wanted to go to First Night downtown on New Year’s Eve. This would be their first time doing so, as well as their first time taking the train. They were as excited as could be. The plan was to catch the 11:10 p.m. train at the University Station. Well, that train never came, nor did the 11:30 p.m. train. These teens never made it to the ball drop. Parents picked them up, an hour later, right where they dropped them off.

My husband and I were livid at the NFTA for allowing this to happen. Allowing anybody to be stranded at that hour, on that night, is unthinkable. I thank God nothing happened to them. I followed through with a call to the NFTA to find out what happened, and the supervisor confirmed that the trains did not arrive as scheduled because of some issues. He didn’t know what they were. Apparently, there is no follow-through when trains don’t show up according to schedule. There should be supervisors on duty to go to the stations to alert those waiting that the train will not be arriving. To just leave people stranded is appalling.

Carole Getz