Republicans won battle over taxes

Republicans have clearly won the fiscal cliff battle. Despite losing Senate and House seats and the presidency this past fall, they emerged the winners. The GOP was able to prevent tax increases for 99 percent of taxpayers and the other 1 percent were given continued tax loopholes that will prevent them from actually paying more. The Election Day winners, Democrats, caved in on getting the rich to pay more while increasing Social Security payroll taxes for middle-class taxpayers/workers.

The GOP has convinced Democrats that Social Security and Medicare are “pure” entitlements, even though seniors pay and have paid into them. Republicans have won the battle of giving tax breaks to corporations that hide their income in overseas accounts. Also, $5 million is a sweet estate threshold.

The next battle over sequestration is a given Republican victory. How can you vote against the military? We will have more guns and an NRA blessing!

Frank Austin

Orchard Park